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How To Develop A Small Hydropower Plant


The following PDF was written by European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) and summarizes the main aspects regarding the development of small hydropower plants. It contains the following chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Fundamental of Hydraulic Engineering
  • Chapter 3: Evaluating Stream Flow
  • Chapter 4: Site Evaluation Methodologies
  • Chapter 5: Hydraulic Structures
  • Chapter 6: Electromechanical Equipment
  • Chapter 7: Environmental Impact and its Mitigation
  • Chapter 8: Economic Analysis
  • Chapter 9: Administrative Procedures
The archive can be found here at ESHA’s site. In the file below I have just added some bookmarks (for the main chapters). Highly recommended to all engineers.



The zip file contains the guide in PDF format.

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