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Open A Google Earth File (kmz) On Google Maps


Do you want to open a kmz file in Google Mas? Well, just follow the next steps:
  1. Save your points from Google Earth: Select your desired locations/routes and then press File → Save → Save Place As. Alternatively, press Crl + S. In the browser window give a name to your file and press the Save button.
  2. Upload your file to a public server, like or Dropbox for example.
  3. Copy the link of the file.
  4. Open Google Maps page on your browser.
  5. Paste the link in search text box and press the search button.


Use one of the following links:
Repeat steps 3 to 5. You will see the location of White Tower in Thessaloniki.

Significant update


Update 2/9/2014: Unfortunately, due to changes in Google Maps, the particular technique is no longer working.

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