Friday, 18 May 2012

Fuel Consumption Calculator

If I go from Thessaloniki to Larisa how much fuel my car will consume? How much money I will have to pay for the whole trip? These questions were the driving force behind the development of this calculation tool. Since the gasoline price in Greece is around 1.8 €/l (May 2012) and tends to increase, it’s quite useful to know how much gasoline/diesel a car will consume for a particular distance.

How to use it

Step 1: Select your vehicle from the dropdown list. There are five categories to choose: Small Gasoline < 1400 cm³, Medium Gasoline < 1400 - 2000 cm³, Large Gasoline > 2000 cm³, Small Diesel < 2000 cm³ and Large Diesel > 2000 cm³

Step 2: Select the distance and the travel time of your route from the corresponding dropdown lists. If you don’t know these values use the link below in order to find them out at Google Maps site.

Step 3: Finally, if you select the fuel cost (in €/l) from the last dropdown list the tool will calculate the estimated trip cost (in €).

The fuel consumption is calculated based on the average trip speed. However, for the same average speed an aggressive driving behavior – many accelerations and decelerations during the trip – will lead to higher fuel consumption. Furthermore, the characteristics of each vehicle category correspond to an “average vehicle”, not to a specific technology (i.e. Euro 4, Euro 5 etc.), or manufacturer (i.e. Opel, Toyota etc.) or model (i.e. Corsa, Yaris etc.). So, have in mind these limitations when you are using this tool.

Download it from here

This file can be opened with Office 2007 or newer.
Please, remember to enable macros before using the spreadsheet.

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