Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Create & Open KML-KMZ Files With Google Maps & Google Earth


More than one year and a half ago, I wrote two posts about opening a Google Earth file (KMZ) with Google Maps and creating a Google Earth file (KML) with Google Maps. Unfortunately, starting from the previous July (2012) Google has stopped supporting the KML method on Google Maps, so my last tutorial now is not working.

The post you are currently reading is, in reality, a 5 in 1 tutorial. Below you will find a 26-slide presentation in which there are step by step instructions about:
  • How to create a KML file with Google Maps.
  • How to delete a saved map in Google Maps.
  • How to open a KML in Google Earth.
  • How to create a KML/KMZ file on Google Earth.
  • How to open a KML/KMZ file in Google Maps.
For better understanding, each step is accompanied by a picture.


To complete these 5 tutorials you will need:
  1. A GMAIL account. Click here to create one.
  2. A free version of Google Earth installed on your computer. Download it from here.
  3. Dropbox installed on your computer. You can create a free account and download the application from here.
  4. And of course, a computer that is able to connect to the internet…

Presentation preview

Here you can preview the entire presentation:

Depending on your internet connection the presentation it might take some time to load.


Apart from the presentation, I prepared a 4-minute video that illustrates all the instructions that are given in the presentation. You can watch it instead or as a supplementary of the presentation.

Download it from here

The file is in PDF format.

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