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Get External Hyperlinks From A Webpage


Some years ago, I published a VBA code that proved to be very popular in blog users: the code and the accompanying workbook could be used for downloading files from the internet. One common request that I get since I published that code, is how to retrieve the hyperlinks from a web page, so as to download the files afterwards.

I decided to help all these blog users by creating a workbook that does exactly what they requested. So, the workbook that you will find in the downloads section can be used for grabbing all the hyperlinks from a given URL. The procedure is quite straightforward: just enter the URL on a specific cell and hit the Get Links button. After a few seconds (depending on your internet speed) you will have all the external hyperlinks from the particular URL. Moreover, apart from the hyperlinks, you will also get the displayed text for each hyperlink. In this way, you can match the hyperlink with its position on the web page and filter out those links that are not relevant.

NOTE: the code ignores internal hyperlinks and anchor tags. In other words, the hyperlinks that are retrieved should all start with "http".

Demonstration video

The short video below demonstrates the usage of the spreadsheet using as an example the URL of this blog. In the particular case, 43 hyperlinks retrieved.



The file can be opened with Excel 2007 or newer. Please enable macros before using it. The VBA code was protected using the Unviewable+.

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