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Why choosing this blog?

According to the statistics of Google Analytics (for August 2014), this blog receives more than 12,000 unique visitors per month, while the total monthly page views exceed 23,000 (we can send you data that prove these numbers). More than half of these visitors come from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Greece, and India. So, by being advertised here, you ensure that your ad will be seen around 23,000 times from almost 12,000 different people every month! The blog content is in general about engineering, although there are plenty posts about Excel/Office and VBA subjects.  In other words, there is a lot of variety in what visitors are looking for on this blog.

What we offer

You can purchase a 300 × 300 banner ad (with a link to your page) at the blog sidebar. The ad will be displayed on all blog pages. The banner can be both image and text, so it’s actually up to you the choice of advertising type (the ad can be even just a link to your site homepage).


The advertising cost is 35 €/month or 40 $/month (for non-European advertisers) 20 €/month or 25 $/month (new reduced prices due to the celebration of 100 published posts). A lower rate can be offered for advertisers who want to promote their business/product for a more extended time period (3 months, 6 months, a whole year).


It is quite simple:
  • First of all, you should send us an e-mail including your banner, some info about your business/product/site and the expected duration of the advertising campaign.
  • We will send you back a PayPal account, as well as more information about the position of your banner.
  • Then, you will have to transfer the money to the provided PayPal account, and that’s it! After receiving the payment your ad will be displayed on this blog.

Christos Samaras