Excel Range To AutoCAD Table Add-In


ERTAT is an acronym for “Excel Range To AutoCAD Table,” an Excel COM add-in that was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. ERTAT was designed to automate the procedure of copying an Excel range to an AutoCAD drawing (new or existing).


ERTAT provides a feature that is not offered neither by Excel nor by AutoCAD. With ERTAT you can prepare your table in an Excel spreadsheet and with a single click, copy the table to your AutoCAD drawing. In this way, you can quickly make a build of materials (BOM) or other complex tables. ERTAT can copy an Excel table of 1000 rows and 100 columns in AutoCAD in a few seconds (this, of course, depends mainly on your computer hardware). Larger tables are not allowed because might crash AutoCAD. In a few words, ERTAT was developed to save your precious time!

Installation package

The setup file that you will download contains:
  • The ERTAT COM add-in (DLL file).
  • The ERTAT manual (pdf file). 19 pages with step by step instructions on how to install, use and uninstall ERTAT (with a lot of pictures).
  • The ERTAT uninstaller (exe file).

Prerequisites and testing

To use ERTAT, you must have at least Excel 2007 or newer - 2010 32bit, 2013 32bit - as well as a version of AutoCAD installed on your computer (either 32 or 64bit). ERTAT has been successfully tested using Excel 2013 (32 bit) and AutoCAD 2013 (64bit). It was also tested under Excel 2007 (32bit) and AutoCAD 2010 (32bit). In both test cases, Windows 7 Ultimate (32 and 64bit) was the operating system. Note that since ERTAT was developed with Visual Basic 6.0, it will NOT work on 64 bit Excel.

Demonstration video

The short video below shows you how to install, use and uninstall ERTAT from your computer. Let's see ERTAT in action!



The file can be opened with Excel 2007 or newer (32bit versions only). Please enable macros before using it.


If you are facing any problem with ERTAT, send me an email using ERTAT as email title.

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