We develop professional Excel applications for businesses, professionals, students and those of you who are seeking a specific solution for your work. We provide customized, cost-effective solutions for our clients that are user-friendly and will save both time and money.

To celebrate the 100 posts published on this blog, we started providing a new offer: fixed price projects. In this new offer, we reduced the prices so low, that starting from 5 €. Yes, we didn’t make any mistake, the project prices starting from 5 €! With the cost of beer/coffee, we can save your precious time by automating a routine task you might have.

What we offer

The presentation below summarizes the main points of what we can do for you regarding Excel development. However, we are not limited to Excel, but we can help you in any Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Professional, Internet, etc. problem you might have.


In general, the projects fall into three main price categories: simple, advanced and complicated projects. The price list of each class is further subdivided into smaller groups, according to the price step used (5 € in the first, 10 € in the second and 20 € in the third). The price list is summarized below:
  • Simple projects: from 5 to 45 €– step = 5 €.
  • Advanced projects: from 50 to 190 €– step = 10 €.
  • Complicated projects: 200 plus – step = 20 €.



I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for Alpine so far. Your attention to the details of the last project was outstanding. You accomplished more than we expected and in a shorter period of time than we ever imagined possible. This expertise comes at an extremely fair price. The code you delivered was very complex and well documented, something our in house programmer brought to my attention. We look forward to working with you again soon.

Rande P. McCabe
Alpine Land Information Services
Redding, California


So, let’s say that you are interested to cooperate with us. How it works? The process can be described in few simple steps:
  1. You send us an e-mail explaining your problem (giving as many information you can) and what you will need to be done.
  2. We will send you back a quotation for your request.
  3. If you agree with the price offered, we start immediately working on the project. In this step we might ask you to provide sample data (without sensitive information), depending of course on the type of project.
  4. When we finish, we will send you a Paypal account to transfer the money.
  5. After confirming the payment, we will send you the final code/ file/application you requested.
If you are not satisfied with the end result, we guarantee full money payback. Note that depending on the project’s price, we might ask you a milestone payment. Last but not least, we offer free support after finishing the project.

Christos Samaras